Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nudism In Malaysia

What It’s Like…

Generally, Malaysia would not be a country where one would associate and relate to closely with nudism, much less consider it as a first choice destination for a nudist vacation despite the year round tropical weather and abundance of natural surroundings. Some might say that Malaysia’s prohibitive cultural, traditional, and religious factors make it somewhat ‘non-conducive’ to practice, enjoy, and be open about nudism.

With the exception of private compounds and on some really remote beaches, waterfalls, mountains, or riverside, being openly nude is not well tolerated and accepted, and is frowned upon seriously. Even bikinis on beaches are disallowed for the Muslim majority by Islamic Shariah Law.

Nevertheless it has not stopped those of us who are passionate about nudism from pushing the envelope to determine the heights and limits of where we could take nudism to. Some have been successful at finding fellow nudists or introducing friends to nudism to enable them to socially meet and interact through activities that have been organized either indoors or outdoors. While most however, would prefer to remain anonymous and keep it at a personal level and be content as home or closet nudists.

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