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Malaysia Nude Party



Friday, 10 May 2013


Malaysia Nudism Meet Up
Date - 24/5/2013, Friday
Time - 8 pm - 12 am
Price - RM 20 (Inclusive of Drinks & Snack)
Location - To Be Confirm

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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Defining Voyeurism :: Human sexual behavior involving achievement of sexual arousal through viewing the sexual activities of others or through watching others disrobe. To some extent voyeurism is widespread; various types of sexual display are a normal part of sexual attraction and mating behavior in most animals, including humans, but voyeurism is considered a deviant behavior when observation ceases to be merely one factor in sexual attraction and becomes the sole or primary source of gratification. The risk of being caught is an additional element in the excitement of the voyeur.

The following was written by a young member of the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

15 Top Reasons to Be Naked
1. It's fun! Of course, it's not for everyone, but then, neither is Madonna nor the Red Hot Chili Peppers, NBA basketball nor Batman. But once most young couples and boyfriends/girlfriends try it, they come back. Why? Because it's fun. You probably know people who have vacationed at nude beaches, who skinny-dip in their backyard pool or who lounge around the house nude. Why not?

2. It's healthy! Besides improved self-esteem, the sun relieves stress, provides you with Vitamin D, a tan with SPF 4 protection and helps clear acne. Naturists don't overdo their time in the sun; they tan safely with a sunscreen.
3. It feels good! You know how gross those jeans and bra straps feel on a hot sticky day? Or that wet swimsuit when you come out of the water! No more! Trade it in for the feeling of wind on your back and the sun on your body! Cool!

4. Self-esteem! You'll feel great about yourself! Nudity helps you become more open and accept yourself for whom you are, not whether you measure up to the supermodels you see in ads. Welcome to a place that does not measure value as a human being by body size! It makes you a stronger, more confident person.

5. Be yourself! You can express your individuality! Everyone accepts you as you are, whether you have a disability, are overweight, dyed your hair purple, or have a great tattoo that your friends hate. People are attracted by your personality! Everybody's different, and that is respected!

6. So much to do! Volleyball, swimming, basketball, suntanning, golf, tennis, and all sorts of other activities. There is just about anything youd do at any campground or beach. Only more.

7. You are in full control! You decide when you arrive and leave. You decide what to do when you are there! Just like if you went to the beach. But better! If its your first visit, you decide when or even if you want to disrobe! Its normal to feel apprehensive on your first visit, but since you're in control, you have nothing to lose by checking it out!

8. You can be you! It's so refreshing to be someplace where nudity is not sex, unlike ads, movies or TV. You don't have to look like an actor or actress from Baywatch! Nobody's staring to see if you have a great body or if you're overweight or too thin! Nobody is checking you out at all! It doesn't matter if your belly button is an inny or an outy! It's OK!

9. No sex! Everyone in a nudist park is having an orgy? NOT! That is Myth # 1! (People who think nudity is about sex find it a lot more convenient to go to strip bars. Besides, the naturist resort owners don't let those people in anyways.) Lewd behaviour is NOT allowed. Ever!

10. Safety! You're in a no-jerks zone! People treat you the way you want to be treated. Problems are taken care of right away, especially for women, so they don't feel vulnerable. You won't run into problems like at public beaches where people stare at bathing suits, giving their imaginations free reign.

11. Popularity and confidentiality! You'll be part of the group! Already, thousands of Canadians are nudists. But nudism is totally confidential, so nobody knows. Naturist parks are in discreet, strictly private areas, well back from roads. Those who go accept newcomers anonymity. All naturists respect confidentiality. The only people who know you enjoy nudism are those you tell. And if you meet someone at a resort you know, don't worry about it. They're there for the same reasons as you, to have fun.

12. Skinny-dipping! All those University of British Columbia students can't be wrong! You've heard about all those great topless and nude beaches elsewhere in the world, Europe, the Caribbean, Florida. But North America's second-largest nude beach is Vancouver's Wreck Beach, just at the base of a cliff on the edge of the University of British Columbia. On a hot summer day you'll find 12,000 nude people (UBC students wouldn't cut class, would they?)! There are smaller nude beaches in every province in Canada.

13. It doesn't cost a lot! You don't put out the big bucks for a fun time.

14. It's Natural! If people were meant to go naked, they would have been born that way!!!

15. No tan lines! BONUS! 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Malaysia Nudism Meet Up

Malaysia Nudism Meet Up
Date - 10/5/2013, Friday
Time - 8 pm - 12 am
Location - To Be Confirm

* Plz PM me for account no for bank in

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Malaysia Nudist Contact

Malaysia Nudist Contact

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Any Suggestion, Ideas, Meet Up, Planning feel free to email us :)

Nudism In Malaysia

What It’s Like…

Generally, Malaysia would not be a country where one would associate and relate to closely with nudism, much less consider it as a first choice destination for a nudist vacation despite the year round tropical weather and abundance of natural surroundings. Some might say that Malaysia’s prohibitive cultural, traditional, and religious factors make it somewhat ‘non-conducive’ to practice, enjoy, and be open about nudism.

With the exception of private compounds and on some really remote beaches, waterfalls, mountains, or riverside, being openly nude is not well tolerated and accepted, and is frowned upon seriously. Even bikinis on beaches are disallowed for the Muslim majority by Islamic Shariah Law.

Nevertheless it has not stopped those of us who are passionate about nudism from pushing the envelope to determine the heights and limits of where we could take nudism to. Some have been successful at finding fellow nudists or introducing friends to nudism to enable them to socially meet and interact through activities that have been organized either indoors or outdoors. While most however, would prefer to remain anonymous and keep it at a personal level and be content as home or closet nudists.

What Is Nudism?

Wikipedia defines nudism as, ”a cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.”

It’s really a matter of what it isn’t. Society, particularly in Malaysia (and other parts of the world) seems obsessed with appearances that outwardly project a false image.
Naked is naked…that’s how it is, no pretenses. Below are some points to ponder……
Nudism is not sexual.
Many people, particularly those in Malaysia as well as across the world, find this hard to believe and accept, because for so long, our culture and society has taught us to equate nudity with sex. The entertainment media (TV, movies, magazines) only show nudity in sexual settings and context.
Most people new to nudism will eventually find that after their first few minutes at any nudist gathering that nudity quickly ceases to be shocking or even interesting. After you’ve seen 1000 nude people, there is little that is new or fascinating about number 1001.
Most nudists are very conservative and monogamous in their sexual behavior. Family-oriented nudist resorts have policies regarding displays of physical affection, restricting any manner of public sexual conduct. (This is not to say that nudists are anti-sex or don’t enjoy sex; but like anyone else, we enjoy it in private.)
As one nudist guidebook puts it, “One nude posed upon a divan is erotic. A hundred nudes waiting in line for potato salad are not.”
Nudism is not exhibitionism.
Exhibitionists display themselves in a manner that they know will shock and offend, and they get a thrill from provoking reactions from others. Nudists enjoy being without clothing for its own sake, and do not wish to shock or offend. In most cases, traditionally nude beaches and resorts are in remote locations in order that non-nudists will be less likely to come across them and be offended.
Adapted from Bare